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Kangoo (1999 - Present)

FREE guide exposes faults on this van!

Before you buy a Renault Kangoo (1999 - Present) there are 10 common faults or wear items that you should check for. Our research amongst the experts that work on this specific model everyday, has identified:

  • 2 engine check(s) to make
  • 0 interior item(s) that you need to ensure work
  • 1 wear item(s) to spot on the suspension
  • 2 area(s) on the bodywork to inspect
  • 5 official recall(s) that should have been completed

Our three-stage process makes it easy (even if you know nothing about vans) to spot these potential problems. For each fault we tell you:

  1. What to look for (this is written so that it is easy to understand even if you know nothing about vans)
  2. What it means if you find the fault
  3. What to do (here we give you the streetwise options)

Here is just one example check for the Renault Kangoo (1999 - Present):

What to look for
Leave the car standing for 10 -15 minutes, then check for drops of water on the floor under the car. Also check the ground where the car was left overnight.

What it means (if you find this fault)
Water leaks tend to come from the water pump. This is more likely on cars that have completed over 70,000 miles. Because of the work involved, you should change the cam belt at the same time.

What to do (your options)
If the car is losing water it may overheat. Do not drive it until it is repaired. Budget £350.

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The guide covers all this model's major variations, including the different specifications, engine sizes and body shapes.

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