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Van Price Guide

We aim to provide the most useable prices possible for used van buyers and sellers.

To make them accurate we base all prices on real vans in the market today. As you will see when looking at a price, we are continually monitoring hundreds of thousands of vans.

To make them really practical and useable in the modern van-buying world, we give you three prices:

  1. The top price is what we expect good quality dealers to charge. You can haggle a small discount from this price.
  2. The best price is the lowest a savvy and reputable seller (who is not in a rush) would expect to sell for.
  3. Anything in the middle is a fair price and deal for both sides.

What does 'confidence level' mean?

When you look for a price on this website, our system searches the latest data available. Sometimes this means there are not as many examples of the van you are looking for available as we would like, to ensure a really accurate price.

We have therefore set five levels of confidence:

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Fair
  4. Average
  5. Poor

All the prices are based on real vans, so they reflect what is happening in the market. The 'excellent' prices are based on a large sample of cars and so give a more accurate price than the 'poor' prices which are based on a small sample of vans.

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"Even the experts need advice and I would be lost without Used Car Expert. It is my only accurate source of what's really happening in the motor trade."
Mike Brewer, TV car expert from ITV's Pulling Power.

"Its saved us £££££££ well worth having"
Angela Garden

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Adrian Place

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